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Brand design that speaks for you

Good brand design is about more than a distinctive signature identifying one service or product from another. Ideally it should encompass all that is a company’s personality and identity, making it as different as one person is from another.


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Creative Web Design and Development


Web design that perfectly reflects your brand

Your web design should reflect your brand in its tone of voice, approach, simplicity and ease of use. Do your customers have to hunt around to find the content they are after? Is your copy a little too verbose and jargony? Time is precious, your customers can’t afford to waste it and will go else where if you make life difficult for them.


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Breathe, Creative Brand communications


Brand Communications, consistently on message, never boring

Are the brand communications your company produces as confident, customer inspiring and forward thinking as your business truly is? Are they the true embodiment of all your company should stand for? If not they should be.


Brand Communications   

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Little known ways to improve your subject lines

Engaging your customers by email is tricky, so how do you get them to read it in the first place? Many email marketers have struggled with this over the years. Some have made it work, most however have not. How can you increase your chances of success? Studies have shown that certain words and phrases



Creative Packaging Design

Creative Packaging Design Your product packaging represents your brand and your promise to deliver a quality experience. Creative packaging design is important whether your selling teabags or iPads as you want to stand out in your customers mind and on the shelf. Well-branded products can create an emotional connection that helps build a long-term relationship



What’s in a brand name?

Choosing the right name for your business or a new product or service is one of the most important business decisions you are likely to make. According to one recent survey on brand awareness, 53% of consumers reported that the popularity of a brand name definitely affected their decisions when making purchases. However, today’s marketplace



Are your customers in the mood for buying?

In a crowded marketplace, there may be little to differentiate one product from another, so we go with the brand we trust – the one we feel provides the most value. Trust has both an emotional and a logical dimension. Even if we’re not engaging directly with a person when we’re contemplating a purchase –



Robbie kicks off Henley’s Living Advent Calendar!

The Henley Living Advent Calendar gets off to a rocking start with Robbie Williams tribute act, Robbing Williams, performing live to a large audience outside the town hall. This is the beginning of 24 evenings of fun and variety with FREE surprise performances which bring Christmas spirit to Henley and raise money for five local



Henley Living Advent Calendar 2014

Breathe Creative, were once again approached by the organisers of Henley’s Living Advent Calendar, to design the event’s marketing material. We are delighted to be able to use our creative skills to support this unique event and the benefitting charities. The Henley Living Advent Calendar is based on an original idea from Stockholm and runs


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